I . Benefits Of GEPIR:

1. Enables global search of GS1.UCC subscribers based on their GS1.UCC numbers at the retail, trade and logistic unit levels.

2. Search of a GS1.UCC company based on its Global Location Number which in turn can be used in EDI messaging.

3. Due to interconnecting GEPIR database, GS1 subscribers are not required to inform their trading partners (freight forwarders, retailers, distributors etc.) about the description and other details of their products since these details can be accessed through interlink with GEPIR as the key.

4. Facilitates exposure to International Buyers /sellers of Indian exporters  for sourcing for additional market opportunities. 

5. GEPIR service launched by GS1 India will link subscribers to international GS1.UCC subscriber databases

6. Provides complete product details and their company profiles based on various criteria